• Strategic Drinking Board Game

Drinkagon Board Game

Drinkagon is a board game for up to 6 players that combines drinking and strategic thinking. You have to carefully plan your moves and find the shortest possible way to conquer your opponent’s base. You need to use tactics and strategy in order to stay sober and try not to step on the green (TRUTH) or red (DARE) fields. You move your figurines with our unique 3D printed D12 dice.

To spice up the game you can use your moves to move your opponent's’ figurines far from their victory. Make them lose, answer tricky questions and do crazy challenges, or just get them drunk.

We have developed a free iOS & Android app with hundreds of truth & dare cards which makes the game surprising and endlessly fun.

  • Client

    Internal | Exevio

  • Project Type

    Game | Board