Loyalty Platform

  • Making your business more profitable
Increase your revenue

We excel at creating strong innovative loyalty programs tailored to your business to increase revenue and customer retention. Exevio loyalty experts scope the project, manage it for you and make the implementation process simple and easy.

  • Loyalty program members generate 12% to 18% more revenue than non-members
  • 73% of customers are more likely to recommend strong loyalty programs
  • 82% of customers are more likely to shop at stores that offer loyalty program
Strategic growth

Acquiring new customers is a common strategic goal for most of the companies but it is much more expensive than it is to keep an existing ones. Nurturing relationships with your customers is essential for achieving an increase in sales. When feeling appreciated and awarded, customers want to repeat their purchases and always buy from the same brand. Also, the probability of selling to existing buyers is 70% more probable than selling to someone who never bought from you.

  • Back Office
  • Mobile Application
  • Interactive Devices
Back Office

An administration area for managers, info/help desk and other personnel where they can manage all aspects of the platform

  • Administrator role management
    Add, suspend and manage administrators.
  • User management
    Inspect user activity, suspend and edit users.
  • Transactions
    All loyalty points activity.
  • Detailed reports & export
  • In-depth analytics
Mobile Application

Mobile app for iOS & Android devices, fully responsive (works on all screen shapes and sizes) and optimized with features for your business.

  • User registration
    Including signing in with Google & Facebook.
  • Works offline
  • Loyalty points history and balance
  • Challenges
    Gamification of actions required for extra points.
  • Rewards for points exchange
Interactive Devices

Large totems, kiosks and tablets can provide additional interactivity and value to loyalty program users. Some examples include:

  • Ad management
  • Check loyalty points
  • Play games to win loyalty points
  • Check rewards with physical loyalty cards
  • Show products, swipe through them and purchase with points

Common questions, and answers

No, the are not limits on any of the above. You can have as many story or loyalty cards as you would like. Since our loyalty solutions are custom tailored based, you can have multiple rewarding systems implemented.
Yes, you can have both digital and physical cards. They are pre-made and tied to a unique ID that can be connected to any customer live on the spot when provided or customers can register them via the mobile app if you decide to have one.
Mobile app is an additional value that doesn't have to be a part of the loyalty program, but it provides more than just digital content. The app can be used to substitute physical cards, it can be interactive so loyalty users can win points and in return, you keep high brand awareness at very low to no cost. The function of the app depends highly on the final idea.
All our clients receive a Service Level Agreement with 99.5% uptime and technical support.
Since each loyalty program is unique and different, we can't provide a trial, but we can show a demo or give you few good examples of use cases.
That's not a problem. Migration is done by our top developers and data experts regardless of what you currently use for the database. While migrating to your new platform, there will be no interruptions to your customers.
Yes. All parts of the platform are included in the offer like devices, loyalty cards, etc.

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