Quality Assurance

  • Leaving no stone unturned in order to assure the best quality software

Exevio Quality Assurance Testing Service provides a detailed, cross-device and cross-software QA analysis of your mobile apps & connected platforms - on a daily, weekly, monthly or per version basis.

Our QA team is experienced with up-to-date hardware & processes considering the variety of platforms, possible network conditions, constant rise of new technologies and with that - challenges.

We deliver complete Quality Assurance reports with a goal to timely solve issues like bugs, avoid mistakes or defects from happening within production and making new releases a smooth experiance.

From an unpolished diamond to the product release

We will always provide you with a non-disclosure agreement to give you complete peace of mind. Your loyalty and privacy is of most importance to us. Having a NDA protects company's trade and product secrets while getting valuable feedback through the use of Exevio Ltd. services.
If existing, documentation would help understand the product prior to the initial in-depth presentation. It helps us tailor the offer that suits your needs in better detail and gets us prepared for questions before the final quote.
  1. Getting to know the product
  2. Product research
  3. Competitor research (for use cases and UX)
  4. Understanding the functionalities
It is required to present the product to completely understand how it works, to define the needs and explore through demoing. We need to understand client’s requirements, what are the expected goals to achieve with testing, defining testing types, expected number of daily/weekly/monthly tests, etc.
By defining mandatory use case goals, scenarios and flows, we can better target contracted testers required for certain test types.
Upon confirmation and concluded agreement, we deliver the contract required to initiate the product testing. Credentials with full access to the product is required to start a detailed research on every aspect of it before executing QA. Additionally, if needed for certain tests, we require credentials for 3rd party services and payment processing gateways e.g. to test the payment in the sandbox or simulated live/production environment.
In-depth testing starts with the agreed timeline & deadlines. Issues are delivered through internal QA Management System, Trello, JIRA or any other platform you prefer. Each issue is described with:
  1. Exact timestamp
  2. Steps to reproduce
  3. Screenshots
  4. Video (if required)
  5. Detailed reports delivered as agreed on weekly, monthly or per full test basis
Each issue follows this process:
  1. Discovery + logging as a new entry (as described in Testing & Reporting)
  2. Fixing (client delivers the status)
  3. Fixed (client delivers the status)
  4. Re-testing & validation (QA team)
  5. Closed (QA team)

Tests we conduct

  • Functional Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
Functional Testing

Testing of main functionalities the product can't be put into release if all of the below don't go smoothly.

  • Smoke Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
Non-Functional Testing

There's always a case that can trigger an issue and these are the tests with which we try to break the product to find those rare cases.

  • Performance Testing
  • User Experience & User Interface Testing
  • Security Testing
Regression Testing

Regression Testing is a type of testing to confirm that a recent code change has not affected existing features. Regression testing is done to make sure that new code changes should not create new issues on existing functionalities. In overall, it ensures that the old code still works once the new code changes are done.

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The cost of skipping QA testing is more requests for the support team, loss of customer trust and loyalty due to the faulty, slow, unstable or misbehaving product, poor reviews and lower product or service rankings.

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